Clear Capital: Home price drop sudden and dramatic

The very next day, in a special release, Clear Capital reported a sudden and dramatic’ drop in U.S. home prices: Most recent data shows a two-month 5.9% price decline representing a magnitude and speed of decline not seen since march 2009; similar declines for September and October expected to appear in other industry indices in coming months.

 · Short of a dramatic, sudden economic collapse in the weeks ahead, economic and financial data are telling us that it’s likely that the US economic expansion will become the longest on record next month.. Maybe, but let’s be clear: forecasts that far ahead are little more than guesses.. Translating the index’s historical values into.

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This ratio was inflated approximately 10% by our use of Federal Home loan bank advances. I expect the growth to continue to be dramatic. We’re trying to make it clear to investors that we.

There are also millions of foreclosed or distressed homes that have yet to come to market. The lack of demand and surplus supply virtually guaranteed a decline in home values, and we are starting to see it now. Clear Capital described the decline as "sudden and dramatic". Unfortunately, it was not unanticipated.

Moody’s predicts tougher times for some homebuilders Moody’s predicts a rise in Australian mortgage delinquencies. By Phil McCarroll. Moody’s predicts the slower growth of house prices will continue as the Australian economy faces some challenges through 2016.. "I’ve been a broker for 10 years and a property investor for a long time.

While potential buyers in other cities steered clear of. a drastic drop in housing supply caused prices to skyrocket in the wake of Katrina-according to data from the New Orleans Metropolitan.

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The Clear Capital index is also repeat sales, with a price-per-square-foot model, and is a rolling three months average that can be updated daily. I thought I’d pass along this alert today: clear capital reports sudden and Dramatic Drop in U.S. Home Prices

 · Today’s drop came after US exchange Coinbase announced that it was opening an investigation into a sudden price rise in bitcoin cash, which is a spin-off of bitcoin.. pretty dramatic price.

Based on historic income and price relationships, property prices in Sydney and Melbourne are overvalued by between 25 percent and 30 percent, according to Paul Dales, chief Australian economist at.